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One day a poor Rabbi was crossing a busy intersection when he was hit by a car.

Due to the extent of his injuries the Ambulance attendants decided to take him to the nearest hospital which was called St. Mary's Hospital, a Catholic Hospital where all the nurses are nuns.

Three weeks went by and the Rabbi fully recovered.

Just before being discharged the Head Nurse, Sister Mary Catherine handed him the bill for his stay.

The Rabbi stared at the bill for a while shaking his head.

Finally he turned to the nurse and said "Sister, I have no health insurance. I am a very poor Rabbi, my father is a very poor Rabbi, my brother is a very poor Rabbi, my other brother is a poor man, and my sister, well she is a traitor to the family, so we disowned her".

The nurse asked "why is she a traitor to the family?"

The Rabbi replied, "Well, she converted to Catholicism and became a nun."

The nun replied, "Why, in our religion that is a great honor. It means your sister is married to GOD.

The Rabbi replied: Well, in that case give the bill to my Brother-in-law.


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